Volunteering at EMCN

Want to get involved?
Thank you for considering the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers as a place to share your volunteer talents and energy. Volunteers are a big part of our life at EMCN. With your support and engagement, we are able to welcome newcomers and help them build new lives in Edmonton. Our volunteers come from diverse walks of life and they all want to make a difference. Many tell us they love discovering new experiences and making friends from around the world.

Our Programs
We offer rich volunteering opportunities for newcomers and Canadians through these programs.


Our Programs:


Co-education: Coeducation partners provide student volunteers for EMCN or run volunteer education activities.


Traditional Volunteering: Volunteers are active at 10-15 EMCN office-based and outreach sites, and many more support events. They come from all walks of life – Canadian and newcomers.

Newcomers Volunteerism: We engage with newcomers by recruiting volunteers to work with them in our programs, running programs directly for them and placing them in community-based volunteer roles where they are supported to volunteer in order to enrich their settlement experience.


Forms you need to complete
To volunteer at EMCN, you must:

  • Sign a Volunteer Agreement
  • Be in harmony with the EMCN Mission, Values, Confidentiality Statement & Code of Ethics for Volunteers
  • Provide the names and contact details of 2 references
  • Complete police checks (a must) and a child intervention clearance (if required). We can use one done within the past 6 months.